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You’re a Responsible Breeder

Who believes in loving and caring for your pups, treats your dogs like loved family members, and enjoys having an occasional litter

Free Websites!

Owning your own website can boost your profits over 100%, attracts buyers, and gives you the control so you’re no longer at the mercy of online classifieds and their terms and conditions.

  • You’re in control

  • Link to your own social media

  • Build trust with a published interested buyers list

  • Accept payments online

  • What’s the catch? The catch is simple. We want to help you make additional profits by signing you up to sell Life’s Abundance dog food and NuVet supplements. That pays for our work and gives you an added income stream as well.

Breeder’s Best Friend rewards responsible breeders!

“First of all, who can join?”

  1. Responsible breeders only
  2. Willingness to be a part of the Breeder’s Best Friend Team to sell Life’s Abundance dog food and NuVet supplements
  3. Begin feeding your own dogs Life’s Abundance dog food and NuVet supplements
  4. Willingness to offer your buyers a 2-year genetic guarantee on all puppies you sell if your buyers keep their puppies on the same diet and supplement

“Sounds too good to be true”

There is no catch AND there are some excellent benefits of taking advantage of our program:

    1. Puppies sell for a higher dollar amount for breeders with a professional web presence
    2. You make commissions selling Life’s Abundance dog food and NuVet supplements
    3. Your dogs will eat a healthy diet full of Probiotics, Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals and a powerful daily Immune System Booster supplement
    4. The puppies you sell will be healthier if your buyers keep them on the same diet and supplement
    5. It’s easy to sell since most puppy buyers request your recommendations for food and are reassured by your health guarantee if the puppy stays on the food and the supplements
    6. Personal customer service (yes! a live person) to help you reach your goals

“OK so how much is this really going to cost me?”

Yes, there is a small cost involved to participate in our program:

  1. Website: FREE
  2. Hosting for your new website: $9.99/mo
  3. Life’s Abundance: $29.95 up front + $10.95/mo and $19.95 annual renewal fee
  4. NuVet: free to sign up and you only pay for the supplements as you feed them to your pets

“My own website!? I’m not really tech savy”

If you want us to run your website, manage it, update it, we can do that too:

  1. Management costs – to update your website monthly, including uploading videos, new litters, images, blogs, etc. – $39.95/mo 

Give Kelly a call today to get started: 909-996-6258